Which Unskilled Jobs Are In Demand In The UK?

Several unskilled jobs are in demand in the UK.

Due to technological advancement in the world, most countries prefer to welcome immigrants that are skilled to unskilled ones. One country that accepts more skilled immigrants than unskilled immigrants is the UK. Foreigners looking for unskilled jobs are welcome to enter the UK as long as they satisfy 70% of the requirements outlined in the country’s tier visa system.

Finding unskilled jobs is one of the biggest difficulties experienced by foreigners. Unskilled jobs are those jobs that do not require specialized training or prior experience. As these jobs require no special education, training, or background, people with little to no skills take advantage of this opportunity to make a career.

Several industries, especially those involved in hospitality, maintenance, and retail, offer unskilled employment opportunities. Through practical experience, these jobs let you improve your skills.

However, a lack of any special education or skills can sometimes bar a person from getting visa approval, especially when migrating to another country.

In this article, we have taken the time to list the highest in-demand unskilled jobs in the UK for foreigners and how to find them. As a recruitment agency, we will be telling you about those jobs we have seen and have been able to recruit in the past 5 years.

If you ever need help getting an unskilled job, especially in the medical feild, feel free to contact us.

The UK Tier Visa System for Immigrants

Before we delve further into this article, it is important for us to list out the UK Tier Visa system for those who wish to get a job abroad. This visa system can be classified in five ways, and they are as follows;

  • First Tier – They are known as high-valued migrants or highly-skilled immigrants.
  • Second Tier – Refers to Skilled workers.
  • Third Tier- Low or unskilled workers
  • Fourth Tier- For adult students who are at least 16 years old.
  • Fifth Tier- Refers to temporary workers like creative artists, charity workers and more.

Since our major focus in this article is unskilled workers, we would be looking into how immigration under tier 3 works.

Tier 3 Immigrant Visa System

Those under this tier earn less than £ 25,600 and it has been announced that they will no longer be permitted to work in the UK. Nevertheless, unskilled employees can still enter England provided they are sponsored by the company they want to work for and fulfill the points-based requirements outlined below:

Job applicants must have a starting salary of at least £25,600. Additionally, if a person makes no less than £20,480 but still satisfies specific criteria or works in a field where there is a staffing shortage, they may be eligible for reductions.

To qualify for a visa under the Tier 3 system, applicants must score certain points on an assessment test.
It permits employees to enter the UK with sponsorship. In other words, you need a sponsorship certificate before you apply.

You can also use it to request a permanent residency leave of absence. As an unskilled worker, you will only be granted a 12-month visa and cannot enter the country with any family members or friends.

There are no language requirements for workers in tier 3 as well, though your employer would want you to know the English language basics. The UK government has however placed a permanent hold on Tier 3 and its operation has been discontinued.

Unskilled Jobs That Are In Demand In The UK

If you are looking to move to the UK and you are unsure about the unskilled job that is suitable for you, below are some of the most in-demand unskilled jobs in the UK;

Janitorial Officers

Janitors are among the unskilled jobs in demand in the UK.

Some of the janitor’s or cleaner’s duties consist of cleaning a building for the general public and maintaining it in good shape. This may also include vacuuming up dust, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, removing trash and recycling, and cleaning windows and mirrors.

Delivery Driver

A delivery driver is one who delivers goods to customers. They make sure the goods are delivered without being damaged. They equally load and unload inventory from warehouses, enter information to help trace shipments, and assist the package’s destination with any needs.

The weather, and traffic patterns, are frequently taken into account when delivery drivers change their routes.


One unskilled jobs that are in demand in the Uk is caregivers.

Caregivers are members of the healthcare team who assist residents of care homes and hospital patients with daily tasks. They assist patients with turning in bed, exercising, feeding, bathing, collecting samples, placing catheters, and monitoring vital signs.

Because care associates frequently attend to patients, it is expected they report any change in their patient’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Basic CPR and other forms of first aid should be skills that caregivers possess.


The waiter acts as a liaison between the restaurant and its customers. They take orders and respond to inquiries regarding the menu, food, and prices.

Additionally, they discussed how prepared non-kitchen meals like drinks, desserts, and salads may assist with serving clients, processing payments, as well as help in preparing special cuisines.


The duties of a chauffeur include operating, maintaining, and cleaning a private vehicle. They provide a more personalized service than a normal driver because they always drive and attend to a single individual or family.

They also help open the doors and help people get in and out of the car. Prominent celebrities, rich households or business figures, and corporations are some of the employers for this position.


Farm workers are highly in demand in the UK.

These sets of workers take care of livestock and maintain crops. They frequently clear land, plant seeds, and install irrigation pipes using heavy agricultural equipment. Crops may also be manually inspected and harvested.

Pesticides are used by farmworkers to control fungi, weeds, and insects. Along with cleaning their pens, giving them medications, and branding or tagging the animals. They also feed, clean, and examine the livestock.

Stocking Associate

This is one of the unskilled jobs that are in demand in the UK.

For retail establishments, stocking associates are in charge of organizing, receiving, and managing inventory. They might work in a store or a warehouse. Most times, they use inventory maintenance to maintain goods, conduct inventory checks, and place orders for new supplies.

They also use forklifts to transport and arrange huge shipments to make movement easier. Retail stocking staff members may be in charge of setting up displays, filling the sales floor with inventory, and responding to consumer inquiries.


The duty of a bouncer is to patrol the restaurant, club or any area and safeguard staff members and visitors from any improper or harmful behavior. They are also under the obligation to gently warn, evict intruders and call the police if needed.

Construction Worker

Construction workers are needed to finish tasks like building and infrastructure construction. They make use of heavy equipment to clear debris, drill, and pave.

Sometimes, these construction workers load and unload supplies, control traffic around job sites, and assist contractors with a variety of jobs.

They erect and take down temporary fixtures like scaffolding and barricades. Their role also entails assisting other contractors, such as painters and electricians.

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Receptionists are usually the first point of contact when a customer, a vendor, or a visitor enters a place of business. Visitors are greeted by receptionists, who also take them to the right office or person.

They typically collect messages from callers and respond to emails and phone calls. Also, they receive, sort, and distribute mail.

The administrative duties that receptionists carry out include updating calendars, scheduling meetings, and maintaining files.

Sales Representatives

Sales representative is an unskilled job that are needed in the UK.

This is one interesting job that allows you to convince people to buy a product or get a certain service. Sales reps advertise and sell products and services to their target market.

To assist consumers in selecting a product that meets their needs, they have in-depth knowledge about the product and service. They also employ effective communication and customer service skills as strategies. Sales agents may do their business in person, on the phone, or online.

To grow their clientele, they look for creative ways of marketing, promoting, and constantly following up on sales leads. Generally, sales representatives submit orders, record sales, and examine sales trends.


Laborers perform manual tasks requiring significant levels of physical stamina and strength to construct buildings. They engage in physical labor such as laying foundations, installing windows, clearing land, constructing buildings, excavating trenches, etc.

They also operate and tend to machinery and heavy equipment while following instructions from supervisors and implementing construction plans.

Mail Processors

Mail processors are highly in demand in the UK.

Mail processors are in charge of receiving, classifying, and routing mail. They often work for the post office, although they can also be employed by outside shipping firms or by corporate mailrooms.

They often make use of equipment for sorting and tagging mail repair such types of equipment. To keep track of arriving and outgoing shipments, they could utilize tracking software and other logs.

Security Guards

Security guards are unskilled jobs that are in high demand in the UK.

Some of the duties of security guards include maintaining the property and guaranteeing employee safety in an organization.

They patrol properties and structures, keep an eye on those properties with surveillance technology, accept deliveries, and let guests and employees in. To keep track of who was on the site, check that all the equipment is functioning properly, and keep a record of any occurrences.


Moving to another country as an unskilled worker can be a very daunting experience. However, finding the right job can go a long way and help you in your immigration journey. We offer caregiver and janitorial recruitment services for those who would like to work in the UK.

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