How To Keep Interior Doors From Slamming

When a door slams, it means it has hit loudly against its frame or the wall. That unexpected, loud sound can be incredibly annoying when it gets into your ears and right through your brain. No matter how well you get used to the noise, it will not stop being a distraction, or wake up a sleeping housemate.

Interior doors can help give privacy to home users, especially when one doesn’t live alone. They also help to keep out loud noises from neighbouring rooms. However, despite the many merits, they could be a hassle when slammed.

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Causes of Door Slamming

While doors can be slammed by people, there are also other reasons why they can do it. Let’s look at some of the most common situations.

1. When excessive force is applied

This is a common occurrence and probably one of the most common reasons why doors are slammed.

Doors can be intentionally slammed by people to express anger or irritation. Other times, they can be thrown open accidentally when entering or exiting a room. Whether doors are slammed intentionally or accidentally, they can be quite annoying.

2. Due to air pressure difference

When there is air in a house because a window is open, it moves from a lower pressure outside to a much higher pressure within the room. A slab might slam shut due to this pressure shift and the force of the air moving.

This happens sometimes when someone tries to close a door, leading to accidental slamming. It can also cause a door to slam on its own. This can be very scary, especially when you live alone.

3. Doors can slam when they are faulty

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Poorly fixed or faulty doors can lead to constant slamming. If the door is not vertically straight, the weight of the door can be tilted to one side. This can make the door shift independently with the help of air pressure in the room.

Consequently, if the door locks are bad, it will not lock when slammed, leading to recurrent slamming.

Door slamming can have consequences that are very unpleasant. They can deprive homeowners of enjoying their quiet time or having a good night’s rest. They can also cause or worsen anxiety in those with anxiety disorders. Constant slamming also causes vibrations that can damage the walls and even the door over time.

If you are in a situation where you constantly get startled because of door slamming, keep reading as we reveal tips on how to keep interior doors slamming.

6 Ways To Stop a Door From Slamming

Here are a few ways to prevent your internal doors from slamming.

1. Use an automatic door closer

An automatic door closer is a device that opens and closes doors with the help of motion detectors or mechanical springs. These devices are usually made of aluminum and can be manually engineered or automatic.

Automatic devices are powered by electromagnetic motion detectors or push buttons. This allows the doors to open and close automatically on their own. Manual devices, on the other hand, function by storing the energy used in opening doors. The energy is stored in the spring or tension and then released slowly to close the door.

Going for this option is one of the most effective and stress-free ways to stop your interior doors from slamming. They are also friendly for special needs but can be expensive. An affordable door closer can cost about 44 dollars, some costing up to 170 dollars or even more.

2. Check the door hinges

Door hinges are materials that are used to attach doors to their frames. They are usually made of iron, aluminum or steel and form a kind of joint for the door. This joint allows for the opening and closing movement you see with doors.

When a door hinge is not fixed properly or becomes old, the door has an unbalanced weight. An unbalanced weight can make interior doors slam on their own. Rusty hinges can also cause doors to make squeaky noises.

If you live in an older house, chances are that worn-out hinges could be causing unwanted door slams. It helps to check and get it fixed right away.

3. Install a door stopper

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Installing a door stopper can be one of the most cost-effective options to help stop your doors from slamming. A door stopper is any object placed in front of or under the door to stop it from moving uncontrollably. These objects are better if they are heavier than the door to prevent the door from moving them.

Door stoppers are mostly made of rubber and are usually attached firmly to the floor to make it seem heavier. Using rubber reduces the wear and tear on the door because of the cushioning effect rubber has.

One perk of using door stoppers is that everyday objects can be used as door stoppers. Objects such as stones or sandbags can be used in place of fixtures. This is why it is considered one of the cheapest ways to reduce door slamming in your home. 

4.  Attach a bumper behind your wall

Another easy way to keep your doors from slamming is by installing a bumper on the wall behind your door. Bumpers are small devices made of metal or rubber that prevent interior doors from hitting the wall.

A well-fitted bumper can reduce the impact of a door slamming a wall. Bumpers are usually placed strategically behind the door and are better put behind the handle. The handle is the part that gets to hit the wall. Hence, it is best that wall bumpers are fixed behind them.

Bumpers can also be installed anywhere behind the wall, at the top or bottom. The main thing to consider is that enough space is between the door handle and the wall to prevent slamming.

Bumpers could have a metallic base and a rubber top, while some could be completely made of rubber. Metallic bumpers can be attached with the help of nails or screws, while rubber bumpers can be attached using glue.

5.  Use a dream baby stop slam

This is a small device that works like a wall bumper. The difference is that while wall bumpers stop the door from slamming when opening, the baby stop slam stops the door from closing.

Baby stop slams are usually installed by fixing the device to the door frame. With an extended front, this device creates a barrier that stops the door from closing completely and offers multiple functions. These functions include stopping slams, preventing your kid’s fingers from getting hurt between doors, and allowing you to hear what’s happening inside when you are not with the kids.

Dream Baby stops slam function better when they are combined with wall bumpers. This will ensure that you get full protection from the slamming.

6. Use foam strips

Foam strips can provide the perfect cushioning for your interior doors to limit slamming. Foam strips can be long and come with an adhesive used to attach them to surfaces.

When foam strips are used to line door frames, they provide a soft lining that dampens the sound created when a door is slammed. To fix the foam strip, do not press the adhesive firmly while lining it until you have finished putting it in place.

We know how annoying slamming doors can be, but we don’t have to let it keep happening. Don’t get too cranky the next time you are awakened by a loud slam made by your roommate, kids, or spouse. With the tips provided in this article, I bet you’ll implement them and be able to get that sound sleep you’ve been craving without any disturbances.

7. Weather Stripping

If your internal door is huge and felt pads do not solve the problem, a soft weather strip might be the solution. This will prevent door slamming and help muffle sound from the next room after you close the door.

Before applying the foam tape, clean out any dirt and grime from inside the doorframe and dry it. Cut a piece of foam tape measuring the full length of the doorframe from top to bottom, then press it into place along the entire length of the doorframe.

Final thoughts

Your internal door slamming issue not only causes damage to the door itself but disrupts your home’s peace. And you cannot just ignore it because it will only get worse. So, it’s best to take action and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Now you have all the possible ways to prevent door slamming, from simple solutions like installing a door stopper to complex things like weather stripping. You should choose the best method so your doors stay in good condition and not become a safety hazard. But if none of these door solutions works for you, buying a new door is always possible.

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