How To Hire Commercial Cleaning Services; 7 Things to consider

Choosing to work with a commercial cleaning service company is not something you should do without giving it a proper thought.

The task of commercial cleaning calls for diligence and skill and strength and it is not an easy job. That’s why most people who pose as commercial cleansers don’t actually get it done to most clients’ satisfaction.

So we decided to make this post as a guide for anyone who is looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service. On this note, I’d like to state that here at Adept Demand Services, we are professional recruiters with several years of experience helping companies hire professional cleaners.

We have an impeccable record and we have never had a bad review in the past. We work with the best people in the industry and we know how to pick them.

So, if you are looking to hire cleaning services, you might want to give us a call. If you’d rather go the road yourself, you need to worry because, in this article, we will be telling you exactly how to hire a commercial cleaning service company or individual.

When selecting a cleaning company to handle your cleaning needs, you should be aware of the following criteria, which are the most crucial to consider.

How To Hire Commercial Cleaning Services; 7 Things to consider

Things to Consider When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Services

1. Get quotes from three or four business cleaning providers.

Getting quotes from several businesses gives you an essential perspective on your top choices. You will better understand how much things cost, what type of service to anticipate, and how problems are fixed.

  • Ask around for recommendations.

Asking friends or owners of firms comparable to yours who they use and whether they like them is the most straightforward approach to choosing from these three or four businesses.

  • Search the internet.

If asking for recommendations doesn’t help, a quick Google search should turn up a few trustworthy local businesses. Most would be happy to provide you with a quote without charge. 

Depending on the size and complexity of your property, this usually involves a visit to your building, which could last anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes, followed by a briefing on their cleaning strategy for you.

2. Compare the prices and service levels of those bids.

  • Is the pricing reasonable?

The natural tendency of most individuals is to select the cleaning service with the lowest price. Be cautious when using the strategy. Quotes that are much lower than the rest should raise red flags for that Commercial Cleaning Service company. 

Sometimes, the price difference can be explained by the cleaner’s salary, which is linked to more turnover or poorer performance. 

You’ll have to deal with things like the cleaner not showing up, trashcans not being collected, and toilet paper not even being supplied.

The cleaner’s inability to meet requirements might potentially be the cause of the reduced pricing. If such is the case, the business will be unable to provide the quality of service you require.

  • Does the cleaning firm conduct routine inspections? 

The cleaning service manager can effectively determine if the cleaner is doing satisfactorily or not by conducting routine inspections. 

Without you informing them, cleaners receive feedback on what they’re good at and what areas need work. To determine how specific your potential cleaning businesses are, ask them if they can provide inspection records from any of their previous clients.

  • Find out who handles your account directly and decide if you can trust them.

Even if the company is reliable and does regular inspections, you will run into problems that need to be talked about with the manager once in a while. 

Were they easy to reach? What do they look like in their references? Is he or she someone you can complain to and he/she would listen?

3. Request references from the firms you’re thinking about employing and contact them.

This can be the most crucial step if you want to avoid looking for a new commercial cleaning company in a few months. 

Speaking with a referral can teach you more in a minute than communicating with the cleaning salesperson can in an hour. Consult the sources for information on employee turnover, dependability, and the simplicity of issue resolution.

4. Get general liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates of coverage.

Although they are rare, accidents and injuries do occur. Please ensure the cleaning services company you want to hire has their staff insured. This will make sure you are covered in case of an accident. It is rare, but it does happen.

5. Find Out About Specialties

How To Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

Several businesses could provide specific services for your company regarding commercial cleaning. For instance, a business carpet cleaning company can keep your carpets clean and guarantee they look beautiful for potential clients.

Distinct commercial cleaning professionals have different areas of expertise when cleaning other types of companies, such as dentistry and medical clinics. 

It would be best if you worked with a commercial cleaning firm that specializes in the area you want their services.

However, you shouldn’t rely on just one cleaning company to handle all your cleaning demands. For example, a restroom cleaning service won’t be required to clean the carpets. 

Make sure the cleaning professional is versatile and capable of offering specific services to you and your business.

6. Reputation

It’s up to you to find a reliable Commercial Cleaning Service that can meet and even exceed your expectations. You should know that you might have to give your cleaners the keys to your office, or business. That means you should hire a janitorial company that only hires honest, responsible, and highly professional people who always do a great job cleaning for clients and that is exactly who we are

It is important to stress that you must hire cleaners who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. On the other hand, you should hire cleaners who are friendly and love what they do.

You should definitely know how a cleaning service hires its cleaners. So, it’s a good idea to ask a cleaning company if they do background checks on all of their employees before hiring them. You should make sure that the cleaning company you choose goes out of its way to hire friendly, professional people.

It goes without saying that you should hire a Commercial Cleaning Service company with a good name in the business world. So, it makes sense for you to spend some time looking at what other people have said about the cleaning companies in your area.

Check out the customer reviews of our company here, to see how many people we make happy every day by making their homes clean.

Common Services Provided by Commercial Cleaning Service Businesses

If you’ve never hired one, you might be unsure of what you can ask a professional cleaner to do. When in doubt, it is always wise to ask specifically, as this list differs for each supplier. However, many service providers’ websites include a long list of the services they offer.

Cleaning services that are most often provided include:

  • Removing/emptying the garbage
  • Sanitizing and cleaning bathrooms
  • Removing surface dust
  • Cleaning windows, screens, and mirrors
  • Replenishing resources such as paper
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the area


Finding cleaners who can collaborate with you and share your vision doesn’t have to be challenging. Find the ideal match for your company by following these easy steps listed earlier.

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