Highest Paid Unskilled Jobs in the UK

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Finding a high paying job in the UK nowadays is a challenging feat for both the skilled and unskilled labour markets, which have undergone a significant transformation by the way. The need for skills, especially specialized talents, is increasing, so it makes getting one of the highest paid unskilled jobs an uphill task.

However, there are still industries that need the services of unskilled workers. When measured by a person’s educational level, unskilled jobs can be described as work that requires a high school diploma or that can be performed by a high school dropout with the necessary skills needed for the job.

In an unskilled job, essential skills are acquired over the job. Most times, it does not demand specialized knowledge or skills from employees, not even some online courses. This job is mostly beneficial for groups of people who may or may not have received any particular training or education.

Examples of these paid jobs include grocery clerks, farm labourers, hotel maids, caregivers, cleaners and sweepers.

Although these jobs are deemed unskilled, they all require some level of on-the-job expertise. However, what is great to note is that, based on the Office for National Statistics report, one in eight people without degrees find themselves in a high paying graduate job and thrive in it.

List of the Highest Paid Unskilled Jobs in the UK

Several industries offer unskilled employment opportunities, especially those in the hospitality, maintenance, and retail sector. These jobs are high paying and could go a long way in supporting a person’s basic needs.

With the average figures from jobs board, Glassdoor, and Payscale, in no particular order, below are some of the highest paid unskilled jobs you can get in the UK.


Servers are one of the highest paid unskilled jobs in the UK.

Servers are known to handle orders and respond to inquiries regarding the menu, food, and prices while assisting restaurants in giving customers a great eating experience.

They accept orders, recommend meals based on their customers’ preferences, relay orders to the kitchen and bartending staff, and then bring food to the customers.

Also, they prepare non-kitchen food items, including drinks, desserts, salads, and special dinners. The average salary per year is £22506. This is one of the highest paid unskilled jobs in the UK.

Private Chauffeur

Being a private chauffeur is one of the highest paid unskilled jobs in the UK.

With an average salary of £46,500, the duties of a chauffeur include operating, maintaining, and cleaning a company vehicle. They provide a more personalized service than a taxi driver because they always drive and attend to a single individual or family.

They also help open doors and help their passengers get in and out of the car. Wealthy families, prominent celebrities or business figures, and corporations are some employers for this position.


As one of the highest paid unskilled jobs, bouncers earn up to £42,881 annually for generally a club safe from any trouble. Bouncers check entry requirements, which include checking IDs, safeguarding property, and assessing age eligibility.

Also, this job includes denying entry to troublemakers and ensuring that the club does not exceed the maximum safe capacity level. They also warn and evict troublemakers or call the police when necessary. This job is for people who don’t mind working late at night.


The general cleaning of the building and maintaining its upkeep and condition are among the duties and obligations of a janitor. The janitor’s duty can also entail washing and cleaning windows and mirrors, vacuuming, mopping, disinfecting bathrooms, and removing trash and recycling.

Sometimes, the janitor maintains facilities like offices, hospitals, libraries, and schools. Cleaning windows, dusting, emptying garbage cans, sweeping and mopping floors, and organizing restrooms are just a few of their responsibilities.

Since janitors frequently work before or beyond regular business hours, they could secure and lock the property. Some janitors also maintain cleaning supply inventories and carry out little repairs. A Janitor in the UK earns £9.66 per hour.

Delivery Driver

Highest Paid Unskilled Jobs UK

Another option is to work as a delivery driver for fast food outlets, restaurants or any company that offers delivery services in the UK.

Delivery drivers primarily obtain goods from stores, warehouses, or other collection locations. They load them into delivery vehicles and then safely deliver them to customers. They carry out delivery services using a car, van, or truck to deliver products to customers.

Also, they load and unload merchandise, ensure the goods are delivered undamaged, enter data to help trace shipments, and assist the package’s recipient with any needs. A delivery driver earns up to £10.18 per hour or £30,000 per year plus overtime.

Stocking Associate

Inventory management for retail establishments is usually handled by stocking associates who organize and maintain inventory. A stocking associate can either have a job at a store or a warehouse.

As a stocking associate, your job is to ensure that the shipment is safely delivered, properly stocked, and consistently maintained. Likewise, you should always be ready to assist the sales team when necessary.

With the help of the stocking associate, the sales crew can identify products faster. And then give the customer a better in-store experience in a more efficient stockroom. A stocking associate’s average salary is £26,113 per year or £13.39 per hour.


Caregivers are highly paid unskilled jobs.

You might succeed in a care position if you like taking care of others or enjoy doing so. There is a great need for persons who can interact with older adults who require extra care or work or elder folks who may have difficulties getting by.

The best part of working as a care assistant is that you aren’t required to work in a care facility. For more inquiries on this, you can visit the NHS website. Caregivers might also be in charge of putting and turning patients in bed, exercising, bathing, and feeding. They also collect samples, insert catheters, and monitor vital signs.

You can work with those who need care in their homes through an agency like adept demand services if you need flexible hours. Also, many of these positions are listed on Homecare.co.uk and Indeed.

A caregiver in the UK makes an average pay of £22,883 per year or £11.74 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to £30,323 annually, while entry-level caregivers earn £20,963 annually.

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As a courier, your job is to pick up packages and deliveries from the central depot and deliver them to designated addresses. They provide quick and direct delivery services by cycling or walking door-to-door to deliver packages locally between businesses and individuals.

Most urgent, direct deliveries are made through couriers. Contracts that call for signatures, passports, medical records, and other sensitive cargo may all fall under the type of delivery a courier carries out.

In order to accommodate last-minute exchanges, couriers frequently work nights, weekends, and holidays in addition to their regular working hours.

The job also incorporates route planning to maximize efficiency and guarantee that packages are delivered on schedule. The average courier earns £12,388 or £10.19 per hour.

If you are looking for the highest paid unskilled jobs in the country, you can go for this job.

Waste Manager

This is another job for people with a general flair for cleanliness. As a waste manager, you organize and oversee waste disposal, collection, and recycling facilities.

Waste managers are also in charge of cleaning up the street and overseeing the daily procedures and operations of waste collection.

They also guarantee that households and businesses receive suitable disposal services on the appropriate days. A waste manager in the United Kingdom typically earns up to £40,809 annually.

Sales Representative

Sales representative are highly paaid unskilled jobs.

As one of the high paying unskilled jobs, a sales representative’s role is to sell products and services to people in your target market. You are a direct connection between your clientele and the company you represent.

One of your responsibilities is to find potential customers in a new market and show them the goods and services. A sales representative employs different strategies to assist consumers in selecting a product that meets their needs. These include effective communication, customer service techniques, and in-depth product knowledge.

Additionally, they promote goods and services and sometimes give their employer advice on how to boost sales. They carry out their business in person, on the phone, or online.

They are sometimes in charge of merchandising, promoting, and following up on sales leads to grow clientele. You can earn up to £30,000 per year or £15.38 per hour as a sales representative.


This is one of the best paid unskilled jobs, and it is very simple why. Receptionists are known to be the first people customers or visitors speak with when they enter a business setting. They are in charge of receiving and welcoming people arriving at the office and pointing them in the right direction.

They order supplies for the rest of the workplace, sign in guests, and maintain basic office supplies like pens stocked and accessible to them.

In addition to their duties, they can also organize trips, sort mail, make copies, and keep appointment calendars. A receptionist in the UK earns up to £8.42 per hour and £21,992 annually.

Production Workers

This set of people maintains production by ensuring product quality using the right machinery. Production workers assemble items with great care.

They adhere to all safety regulations while cleaning, operating, and working on factory assembly line equipment.

And are responsible for collecting the needed raw materials, evaluating their quality, and feeding them into the production machinery daily.

In addition, they carry out key quality checks, including product or package testing before delivery, by properly stocking all required supplies. A production worker in the United Kingdom earns about £11.94 per hour or £23,278 annually.


This is not the highest paid unskilled job in the UK, but you cannot deny that it is a high paying unskilled job. The duties and obligations of a laborer are all focused on helping the entire project. This is while preserving a safe and productive construction site. Laborers are known to perform manual labor that requires high levels of physical fitness and strength.

In the construction sector, laborers are hired to perform manual or physically demanding tasks. They lay foundations, bricks, and plaster, install windows, clear land, construct walls, dig trenches, etc. A laborer’s hourly wage is £12.25, and a day rate typically ranges from £100 to £200.


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