15 Gift Ideas For Kids With Autism

Children love receiving gifts, whether on holidays, special days, or to show them that you love them. You can get toys, books, or tickets to a sporting game that will excite them. But, for kids with autism, finding the perfect Gift Ideas For Kids With Autism can be challenging. 

Autistic children are a bit different from other children in terms of development. The condition can affect how a child interacts and communicates or affect their cognitive abilities. This means that they may not appreciate the gifts that regular children love. 

Kids with autism may play in a different way than a child without autism. For example, they may act in unusual ways, like making the same movements over and over, or they may focus on one or two toys. They may also need help to pick up on social cues or take turns with others.

When choosing a gift for someone with autism, it is essential to consider what makes them special. If picking a gift for kids with autism has been challenging, then you are in the right place.

Gift Ideas For Kids With Autism

15 Gifts Ideas For Kids With Autism

Here, we give you a list of gift ideas that you can give to your loved one who has autism. 

1. Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper

The Teeter Popper is a great gift for kids with autism because they can play with it in many different ways. Depending on how skilled they are, Children can stand up like they’re surfing, ride it like a teeter-totter, or sit down and rock back and forth.

The Teeter Popper uses the vestibular system to improve balance and coordination, which many kids with autism have trouble with.

The Teeter Popper can carry up to 110 pounds, and its unique shape makes it a safe place for kids to sit or stand. 

2. Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set

Play-Doh is a classic gift that is great for kids with autism. Its tried-and-true formula lets kids bend, shape, squash, and cut it into whatever they want. 

This lets them freely use their hands to explore and create things. Its soft feel, bright colors, and unique scent make it a pleasure to use. 

The set comes with six cans of Play-Doh and additional accessories, all of which help strengthen fine motor skills. 

Even though Play-Doh is made of non-toxic materials, it does contain wheat, which could be dangerous for autistic kids who are gluten intolerant.

3. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

This digital book is an interesting way to help a child with autism learn new words. It has 12 pages that kids can play with and learn about things, people, animals, food, and places they might see daily. 

For kids to use the book, they must open it to a page and start touching the pictures. Touching an image will cause either a sound, words, or color to be revealed. 

For example, if a child touches a picture of a cow, the “Moo!” would be heard from the fun sounds mode. But some images might not look natural, so parents and other adults might need to explain. 

Best of all, the pages of this book can’t be torn because they are made of solid plastic. It also has a handle that lets you carry it around easily. This is a perfect Gift Ideas For Kids With Autism.

4. No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket

Bubbles are both fun and soothing for kids with autism. In addition, children improve their fine and gross motor skills when they run after and pop bubbles. 

In the same way, blowing bubbles improves oral motor skills, and touching them improves sensory processing.

The tumbler of this toy is made so that it doesn’t leak. As a result, children can run, jump, and even carry it on their side without spilling a drop. 

It comes with 4 ounces of a dye-free, non-toxic solution, and the best part is that it doesn’t need to be put together.

5. Harkla Sensory Swing For Kids

A sensory swing may help a child with autism in multiple ways. First, it might satisfy their need to move their body to calm down. 

It also stimulates the structures in the inner ear, which can help a child with a vestibular system that doesn’t work well enough. 

The Harkla Sensory Swing can also serve as an acrobatic toy to help a child learn to balance and build strength.

This swing also has a special way of making people feel calm. When the child is sitting inside, it can be folded around them like a cocoon, which can be a very soothing sensory experience.

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6. Tilcare Chew Chew Sensory Necklace

If you have an autistic child that chews on things as a way to relax, these necklaces are a quick and easy way to stop them. 

These necklaces are made of 100% food-grade silicone and are safe for kids that are at least five years old to put in their mouths. 

Caregivers and Parents can also feel good about giving their child something that doesn’t contain BPA, latex, phthalates, lead, or metals.

Each necklace has an easy-to-pull safety clasp that keeps it from getting caught on something and choking the wearer. There are three pastel-colored necklaces in a set. 

7. Learning Advantage Bear Activity Wall Panel

This colorful 3 feet long board has many different ways to play with your hands. Kids can play with the sliding shapes, tilting maze, and moving gears on their own or with friends. There is also a little mirror where they can make funny faces and talk to themselves.

Even though this wooden board is made to last, it should always be kept inside. The board is easy to put together and has all the necessary hardware. You can also adjust it to your child’s height if you hang it on the wall, and you won’t have to give up any floor space.

8. ArtCreativity Light Up Magic Ball

Some kids with autism are often drawn to things that spin. ArtCreativity Light Up Magic Ball is a small toy that can be taken anywhere and appeals to this interest. 

It’s about the size of a small flashlight, which makes it perfect for car trips or visits to the doctor. Children are mesmerized by how its spinning motion and bright lights draw them in.

The Light Up Magic Ball uses LED to make its kaleidoscope-like display, which may be soothing for an autistic child. It comes with three AAA batteries and is ready to use once you open it. 

9. Battat Bristle Blocks

This 85-piece set is a new way to build with traditional blocks. With the help of bristles on their outside, these colorful blocks don’t stack. Instead, they fit together at every angle. 

The soft, round edges and different textures make these blocks a great sensory activity. They also come in different sizes, colors, and shapes, like triangles, circles, and wheels.

This set of blocks has a few small figures that can help kids with autism play make-believe and improve their social skills. 

10. Cocomelon Fidget Popper Keychain

If you’ve discovered that your autistic child stims, then this fidget popper could be a great way to help them handle their feelings and deal with situations that are too much. 

It’s small enough to fit in your child’s pocket or the palm of their hand and has pictures of characters from the popular kids’ TV show Cocomelon.

The keychain on this fidget popper is another great thing about it. Your child can use it whenever they need to by clipping it to their belt loop or backpack. 

And because the soft silicone bubbles can be popped repeatedly, it gives a positive sensory experience that can help a child with autism block out unwanted sensory input. This set of four poppers comes with a door hanger and 3D butterfly stickers.

11. Mellisa & Doug See & Spell Learning Toy

This spelling puzzle is a fun and exciting way to improve your communication and verbal skills. 

It comes with eight boards, words with three to four letters, and a picture on each side. This set can help kids in many ways, such as recognizing letters and objects and learning how to spell.

Children with autism can also improve their fine motor skills by putting small, brightly colored letters in their correct slots. This puzzle is made entirely of wood and comes in a solid wooden case.

12. KidKraft Mosiac Magnetic Play Kitchen

Playing make-believe is a direct way to improve both social-cognitive and social-emotional skills. 

With this KidKraft Play Kitchen, kids with autism can pretend to cook, use the ice maker and microwave, and wash dishes in the sink.

A kitchen is also an excellent place for sensory play. The magnetic fridge comes with magnets to stick on, which is a great way to teach kids how things work. 

This kitchen is about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. When kids turn the oven knobs back and forth, they will hear a clicking sound. They can also hang the spatula, spoon, and pan with the kitchen set on the hooks and fill the sink with water to wash dishes.

13. The Fine Motor Hedgehog

This toy is educational and can be used by kids with autism from as young as 18 months old. 

As kids figure out how to put the pegs in the hedgehog’s back, they can work on their fine motor skills and learn to read the numbers on each hole.

This gift toy can also help kids learn to count and tell colors apart. Since each peg is a different color, kids can name the color as they put it in place. 

As kids learn to count, they can tell how many pegs there are or put them in order by color.

14. Little Tikes 4.5feet Lights’ n Music Trampoline

This 4.5-foot indoor trampoline is fun for your child to burn off some energy when you can’t go outside. 

It has a sturdy, padded handlebar that helps kids with autism who have trouble keeping their balance and moving together. 

You can put it away when the trampoline is not in use because the handlebar folds down flat. However, the trampoline is heavy and might take two people to move it.

This trampoline is different because it has 15 LED lights around its edge. Together, they shine in nine patterns that make your child’s jumping time even more exciting. 

There is also a Bluetooth speaker that can be charged and will play your child’s favorite music while they jump to the beat.

15. Edushape Twirly Whirly

Since loud and sudden noises can be too much for kids with autism, the Edushape Twirly Whirly is a great musical instrument alternative. 

When the tube is turned upside down, a bunch of small, different-colored balls moves through it, making a soft sound like a rainstick. 

This soothing sensory experience can help a child with autism feel better when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

As each ball goes down the tube, it bumps into different things along the way. This is fun to watch and can also help a child with autism who likes to watch things fall or spin.

What To Look Out For In Gifts For Kids With Autism

According to the National Autism Resources, it is important to consider an autistic child’s developmental ability rather than focus on their age when selecting a gift item.

Autism is a spectrum, with each individual having unique traits. Every autistic child has different needs, so giving them certain toys as gifts may be therapeutic. These toys may help them connect with peers and improve their communication and reasoning abilities. 

When looking for gifts for a child with autism, parents, and caregivers should look for ones that keep the child’s attention and help them develop their motor and social skills. Toys should also be fun and exciting to use with all senses.


Having a child or loved one with autism can confuse you about what gift items to get. As a result, you may shy away from getting them gifts because you do not want to get something that they won’t appreciate or something that will put them off. 

Never let your confusion restrain you. Understanding their stressors can help you know what’s better for them. This list can also guide you on what they will love, especially when you know it will help them relax. 

We hope you found this post helpful.

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