Does Pre Workout Expire? Let Me Explain

You get ready for the gym and discover you are out of pre workout. You’re tired and need an energy boost but don’t have time to run to the shop or order online.

You then notice an old used tub in the cabinet. You are saved, you exhale, or so you think. But have you considered if it’s still good or expired?

This blog post addresses all you need to know about pre workouts. For example, does pre workout expire or go bad?  How long you can use it and the tips to determine whether it’s safe to consume. Let’s find out!

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What is a Pre workout?

Pre workout is a supplement that assists one in performing better during exercise and helps to avoid fatigue. It comes in either powder or pill form, and it is a way of boosting your energy before a workout.

This supplement primarily boosts mental and physical performance during workouts. It assists athletes in enhancing their physical and mental performance while exercising.

Pre-workout comes in various forms and is essential to most bodybuilders’ diets. This is because it gives an enormous amount of energy that even foods high in energy can’t provide, which is why most bodybuilders use it.

Does Pre workout expire?

Yes, pre workout expires. It usually has an expiration date written on the package. Most ingredients function best when used within a specific time frame, although some people choose to use the supplements regardless.

But you should never use one that has become moldy and expired. Instead, you should throw it away. Drinking it may cause flatulence or stomach distress.

What is the shelf life of Pre workout?

Pre-workouts have a long shelf life. Most of them come in powdered form and can last 18 to 24 months without losing potency. But some factors can reduce the shelf life.

Exposure to air and light is one of the most crucial factors. Powders kept in an open container or have direct contact with sunlight will degrade more quickly than those stored in sealed, dark containers.

Generally, it’s safe to consume powder left sitting for some time, but it might not be as effective as it previously was.

How to know when my Pre workout will expire?

Pre workout

The bottle of pre-workouts is stamped with an expiry date. But immediately you open the container, its potency clock starts to tick, and it will lose its efficacy over time.

An unsealed pre-workout tube can retain its potency for between six to twelve months before it starts to degrade. The same is true for pill or capsule bottles that have been opened.

So once you open a container, you should take it regularly and finish it within a month or at least two months. This way, you will not have to worry about your pre-workout going bad.

And it’s time to buy a fresh batch of pre-workout supplements if your current supply doesn’t provide the same energy boost. Also, there is no need to keep the pills around for an extended period because they are made to be consumed quickly.

You will be just fine if you use the product before it expires. But keep an eye on its potency and stop usage when it loses its efficacy.

How long can you use Pre workout that has been mixed?

Once you mix your pre workout, consume it within 12 hours, and it shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures.

To achieve the best result, take it at least 30 minutes before working out, even when you mixed it some hours ago. And most importantly, if you use the supplement to get stronger workout pumps.

Protein breakdown occurs if the mixture is left for a long time. And it will result in low energy, affecting your workout and other negative consequences.

If you mix your supplement in the morning but don’t want to consume it until later in the day, you may discover that your drink isn’t thickening as it should.

How to determine if your Pre workout has expired

Several factors indicate if your pre workout has gone bad or expired. They include the following:

1. The date on the label

What is a pre-workout label

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The labels of most supplements, much like other products purchased at the grocery shop, have an expiry date. It is recommended to use the product before the expiry date.

To find the date, examine the container. The manufacturing and expiry date are often written on the bottom of the container. It is also better to throw it away if the expiry date has passed.

2. Visible mold

Pre-workout powder with mold should be thrown away because mold is a sign that the product has gone bad. Mold can grow on these products if they are not stored correctly or are exposed to damp conditions.

When in doubt, carefully examine the powder granules for any evidence of fungi. And if you find any mold, never consume it. It is better to toss it away and count your losses. This is because consuming pre-workout that has gone bad could make you sick.

3. Color

As you visually analyze the pre-workout powder, pay attention to its color. If it appears faded or darker than usual, that can indicate that it has seen better days.

4. Odd consistency

It should be dry and mixed easily in water. But something is wrong if you open your bottle and it fails to meet this standard. Small clumps are okay, but discard them if it’s a paste or wet.

5. Smell

You should be familiar with the smell of your pre-workout the first time you open it. It may be past the expiry date if the pre-workout smells nasty or stale.

6. Taste

If your pre-workout passes these previous tests, you can proceed to a taste test. Mix a small quantity and taste. If the mixture tastes bad, discontinue use. 

7. Upset stomach

Let’s imagine that you consumed the entire serving of your mixed pre-workout. Keep an eye on how you feel after.

And stop using it if you develop an upset stomach or too much gas. This negative effect can indicate that the quality of your pre-workout is poor.

8. Reduced performance

An older pre-workout may have a different effect compared to a fresh pre workout. If you notice reduced performance on how it once was, then it has lost its potency. You don’t need to check the weight scale to see the drop or gain in weight.

9. Clumpy

What is a pre-workout reduced performance

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This is among the most typical issues with pre-workout supplements. Once the vacuum seal is broken, there is a tendency for moisture to penetrate, causing the fine powder to clump and thereby making it go bad in no time. 

10. Difficult to mix

It’s time for a new one when yours becomes clumpy and difficult to mix. Usually, a shaker can solve the issue, but if it doesn’t, then the powder has gone bad.

You should be good to go if you complete all these above. However, pay close attention as the tub finishes, particularly if you allow it to sit for some time.

How Do I Prevent My Pre workout from Going Bad

So you just got a new pre-workout, but how do you keep it fresh to avoid wasting your money? Let’s consider the following tips below:

a. Don’t break the seal unless you are ready to use it

The airtight lid on the pre-workout container preserves its freshness. This seal should be left unbroken until you are ready to use the product.

Be ready to struggle when you decide to open it. The little tabs make you believe that you can simply peel it off. But that’s not so.

Instead, you end up peeling several delicate layers before repeatedly stabbing it with a spoon handle. Don’t open the container this way until you are certain you will use it.

b. The lid should be closed tight

Ensure to replace the lid tightly after removing the seal. It might not completely seal off the air, but it should keep out any extra moisture.

c. Stored in a cool environment

Another crucial element is keeping your pre-workout in a cool environment. This is because condensation issues are more often brought on by changes in temperature than by heat.

For instance, consider how the inside of your car’s windshield becomes damp when the weather changes from hot to cold. This can happen to the pre-workout container too.

Therefore, try to store it in an area with minimal temperature fluctuations. But clearly not your car.

d. Keep it away from moisture

Moisture makes it go bad. So store it in a cool environment away from moisture and high humidity. For instance, don’t store your pre-workout on the surface over the dishwasher.

e. Don’t trash the desiccant packet in the tub

The huge desiccant inside the supplement package is an annoying feature you would like to throw away immediately. But don’t because it serves an essential purpose. Yes, that one with the warning, “DO NOT EAT.”

It contains a substance that absorbs moisture, ensuring your pre workout remains fresh for longer.

So resist the urge to discard it on the first day, even when it makes it difficult to get a nice scoop.

f. Mix the contents

If you haven’t used your pre-workout in a while, shake it from time to time so that it will remain in good condition. This prevents the particles from joining together and forming lumps.

g. Work out and use it

The simplest method to ensure your pre-workout doesn’t expire on you and our bucks get wasted; is to use your pre-workout. If you exercise at least three days every week, it cannot expire before you use it all.


We hope this blog post answers your question, “does pre workout go bad or expire”? Pre-workout expires and may lose some of its potency over time.

To decide if yours is safe for consumption, check the expiry date and consume at least eight weeks after you break the seal. And drink your pre-workout 30 minutes before working out to get the best results.

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