47 Professional Cleaning Equipment List you’ve never heard of!

A fantastic ‘deep clean’ is a lot more satisfying and manageable when you have the right cleaning tool and equipment available. There are specific cleaning tools that will help to get the job done thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently. When you don’t have them, you may be unable to keep your home, office, business space, restaurant, kitchen, etc., as clean as it may require to be. 

The beauty of having professional cleaning equipment is that it allows you to organize, manage, and stay on track with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning tasks. 

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Professional Cleaning Equipment List

Whether you’re sweeping, scrubbing, wiping, or vacuuming, this cleaning equipment can make cleaning a breeze. From sponges and cloths to larger appliances and cleaners, there is no shortage of choices. General cleaning equipment can be categorized into:

  • Manual equipment
  • Mechanical equipment


Manual equipment is all kinds of equipment that cleans or helps in the process by directly using maneuver, operation, and energy of people. 

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Cleaning Tools and Equipment for Household Chores

These tools decrease your hard work and are also helpful for cleaning corners or edges around the home, which otherwise may not be easy to reach with a piece of hardcore equipment. They are easy to use and thus save you time.

  1. Surface cleaners (Broom, Mop, Dustpan, Duster)

A gentle sweep and clean can make a world of difference for a space with a lot of foot traffic or even a dirty garage. 

The broom is mainly used to sweep an uncemented floor. A mini broom will be necessary for cleaning smaller debris messes, while a longer broom sweeps up larger areas. They are both used along with a dustpan. 

You can get a broom and dustpan with long handles to get through various corners of your house quickly and avoid bending over while dusting.

A mop is the default tool for cleaning hard floor surfaces like tile, concrete floors, wood, or laminate and making them shine. Most mops come with customized buckets. Better still, you can purchase a good bucket that suits your mop’s size or a simple stick mop with a sponge head.

2. Spray bottle

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The spray bottle is some of the cheapest, small, but practical professional cleaning equipment. It usually has a siphon tube linked to a displacement pump/presser, which can spray, squirt, or mist fluids. 

When trying to spread cleaning solutions efficiently while cleaning evenly, rather than plunging a rag in and out of the mixture, a spray bottle maintains it, so you use it like any other cleaning solution. 

A spray bottle is also very convenient for creating and distributing mixtures for cleaning the surface of furniture and glasses. Keeping spray bottles on hand is a fine idea if you ever need to rinse off a surface or tool with water, particularly your windows, glass mirror, and doors.

3. Containers

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Cleaning is easier and more efficient with containers to transport and carry supplies and other items from one place to another. There are buckets (which can be made from plastic or galvanized iron), cleaning carts, etc.

A good-sized bucket can perform more than just store your water and cleaning fluid. You can apply it for mopping and a pack of other household chores. They also work well for soaking items, rinsing out sponges or rags, and storing most cleaning products when they are not functional. 

You can use them to blend chemicals or cleaning agents before turning them over into spray bottles.  

4. Different Types of Brushes

A sponge or cloth is not always guaranteed to work. Hard floor brushes, soft floor brushes, flue brushes, feather brushes, hand brushes, etc., are used to take care of hard stains on floor surfaces, like accumulation of grease. 

5. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Microfiber cleaning cloth is usually built of polyester or nylon. Unlike cotton, it is the best choice for dusting. It is gentle on surfaces and grabs and holds a ton of dust without releasing it into the air. 

Its other function is its practicality in wiping down flat screens or furniture, kitchen countertops & stovetops, tubs & shower. Wet/dry mopping floor, glass & mirror, bathroom sink, surfaces in rooms, and common areas without any scratches or leaving streaks on mirrors or stainless steel.

It also removes spider webs and light dust accumulation on any surface of the kitchen furniture and furnishing. Quite possibly, you can purchase them in the form of a glove to address tricky areas like baseboards. It is a very durable product and can be washed up to 500 times without giving away.

6. Multi-purpose duster, e.g., extendable dusting brush

This long rod has a very light bristle attached to the extension. A good extendable dusting brush is useful for properly dusting your furniture and controlling indoor allergens. 

You can use it to dust household items like chandeliers, ceilings, walls, light fixtures, and other equipment usually hung in dusty parts of the house. We have covered room corners, hard-to-reach areas, etc. It will serve you well once you notice the cobwebs gathering on the ceiling fan in the living room.

7. Rubber Gloves

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Plenty of cleaning products, fluids, soap scums, and hot water are too harsh for frequent skin contact. The gentler ones will dry your hands out over time. 

Sturdy rubber gloves will take care of your hands while cleaning. This is especially true when using acid-based cleaners, or you suffer from skin sensitivity. Not only are they reusable, but they’re also harder to perforate.

A set with a textured surface will give you a good grip on your brushes and other tools. They help you confidently tackle messier home cleaning tasks.

8. 360 Degree Spin Mop

Mopping is made quick and simple with this cleaning equipment. The 360-rotating mop head has a design that can thoroughly wipe any corner clean. The unique fibers in the fabric strip remove dust and grease easily. 

You will not have any concerns about grazing the floor. When you slot the mop into the bucket to extract the stained water, there is a centrifugal force from the spinner that rapidly extracts it all. This makes the mopping process as though an unwinding process. 

It has a flexible handle that enables easy positioning of your body as it satisfies you. 

9. Brushes

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They remove dry, wet, or ingrained dust and dirt from hard or soft surfaces. Various brushes are available, like hard brushes, soft brushes, etc.

Hard brushes have bristles that are relatively tough and nicely spread out. They are ideal for wiping rough surfaces, and removing tough soil, dirt, and litter from carpets.

Soft brushes have bristles that are reasonably flexible and set close together. They remove loose soil and litter on hard, smooth surfaces.

Brushes with natural bristles are less likely to scratch surfaces, but synthetic bristles last longer.

10. Abrasives

Sometimes, you need a more rugged equipment to clean wooden or metal surfaces. Abrasives are made of grit papers that are rough-edged. So, they can be used to clean wooden or metal surfaces without damaging the surface itself. ​

They also remove stubborn grime, grease, rust, or stains that don’t respond well to ordinary wiping or cleaning.

There are mineral abrasives, chemical abrasives, and physical scrubbing tools, such as scouring pads. These gritty tools help you clean better and with less effort.

11. Spray Cleaner

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Spray window cleaners can make weekly window cleaning an easier task. The spray helps in the even spread of washing liquid or water. Wipes can clean the glass panes very well. 

You can also apply them to clean kitchen appliances like refrigerators and ovens. You could use them to clean the laminate surface of the modular kitchen, too.

12. Cleaning Solutions 

Opting for a multi-purpose cleaner that is safe for multiple surfaces makes cleaning easy on yourself. This way, you will always have something on hand to tidy up the kitchen counter or the floor. 

Store-bought multi-purpose cleaners may not be suitable for tasks like cleaning stainless steel. So check the label before spraying on different materials.

Bathroom Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Aside from showering, your bathroom is where all the personal hygiene activity occurs — toothcare, haircare, skincare. It’s a space bound to get pretty grimy incredibly quickly and needs grooming. 

But no matter how often you clean your bathroom, it seems like a magnet for all kinds of gross grime. Nevertheless, you want to employ the right tools to get a pleasant, clean bathroom. Here are some professional cleaning equipment you’ll use everywhere around your bathroom. 

13. Squeegee

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Like microfiber cloths work, a squeegee is especially functional in taking out a chunk load of surface dust particles like lint, dirt, hair, and other debris. 

It drastically cuts down on mildew and soap scum. Also, it extracts surplus moisture from the shower walls, door, or tub after use. 

Moreso, it helps so that soap scum doesn’t build up. It is also used with a glass cleaner, giving mirrors and windows a snap and clean look and eliminating smudges, marks & water vapor.

14. Toilet Wand

Not only does this bathroom tool give entry to the darkest depths of the bowl and still does not have to get very close to it, but it is also great for cleaning out the tank. 

It is possible to purchase toilet wands that have disposable heads. This way, you will not need to replace them in the holder, which is full of grody toilet water. 

15. Toothbrush

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A toothbrush is one of the universal professional cleaning tools for when you need something a little more refined than a scrub brush. These are handy for cleaning hard-to-reach areas around the base of taps and small spaces, such as grout between tiles. 

It is also effective for reaching areas the scrub can’t reach, like behind the toilet and sink. Disinfect old toothbrushes and apply them on sink rims, grout, and all the other nooks and crannies in your house to see the effect. 

You can attempt to bend the heads of old toothbrushes to make them more suitable for getting into tough-to-reach spots. 

16. Multi-purpose Cleaning Tool, e.g., Scrub Brush

There’s no substitute for a scrub brush to clean the bathtub and shower well. Like a sponge, a scrub brush wipes out mud, dirt, and stains. It removes soap scum and tough spots and cleans the floor and walls of the bathtub or shower. It also cleans the sink and grout on the tile floors. 

Unless it is possible that you rinse off your sink every time you get done brushing your teeth, you will very likely need a scrub brush to get rid of soap scum and the dried toothpaste away from your sink. 

Its bristles that work to remove hard, thick, and tough stains are the best part of cleaning. And this is actually in different places, from kitchenware to glasses, flooring to fabric, and the like. 

17. Toilet Tank Cleaner

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Cleaning the outside and inside of toilets isn’t fun. Toilet tank cleaners can easily pull persistent stains from hard water and rust without you having to sweat up a storm from scrubbing. 

It contains no harsh chemicals or acids, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your toilet tank or pipes. By adding it directly into the toilet and leaving it overnight, it will remove rust stains and dirt while eliminating any foul odors at the same time! 

18. Glass Cleaner

You must have a glass cleaner to keep the bathroom glass always clean. This chemical formula can remove all hard dirt to make them look clean and make the glass shinier and more beautiful. They also make it germ-free to keep everything hygienic.

Kitchen Cleaning Tools

Here are the perfect kitchen cleaning tools and equipment to keep all items neat and put together. With these tools, you will manage immense and slight tasks, from brushing spills to scrubbing grime.

19. Sponge

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The sponge is one of the essential tools for cleaning that must be available in the house, particularly in the kitchen. It saves a lot of effort, which would otherwise be used in scrubbing off with soap and rinsing with water before wiping the affected surface again. 

This tool is used mainly for washing dishes or cleaning appliances that are waterproof, windows, mirrors, and other glass-made materials, as well as cars. It is also used for cleaning and washing walls, glass, woodwork, and upholstery. 

Different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses are available in the market for various purposes. Heavy-duty sponges made of rigid material are used for floor cleaning, ovens, and other surfaces that need a thorough scrubbing. 

To clean cast iron cookware, it’s preferable to go for a non-metal, non-abrasive sponge.

20. Blinds Curtains Cleaner

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The design of this curtain cleaner is to penetrate the interior parts of your window glasses. You will not have to disassemble the blinds during the cleaning process. Why? The design is for the brush to match those partitions and corners. 

This brush is rust-proof, can be washed, and rolls right between slats. Whichever moment the roller becomes unclean, all that is necessary is to twist the roller to permit a newer cleaning surface. Remove it and wash it off using soap and warm water when it becomes thoroughly soiled.

21. Knife Cleaner

To prevent incidents, opt for a knife cleaner. You can use it to get into every hidden corner without needing to get your hands near sharp ends.

The knife cleaner can also be used to clean cutlery and comes with two sets of bristles. This is practical if there are spoons or forks with stuck-on food. It balances with ease in your hand, guiding you from a blade while simultaneously cleaning off both sides.

22. Reusable Dish Cloths

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Some dishcloths equal about 15 paper towels. This obliges you to reduce your carbon footprint whenever you wipe up a stain or spill. Depending on how heavily you use them, they can be reused up to 100 times. Once wet, the texture of a dishcloth is soft and highly absorbent. Also, you can equally use them dry as scrubbers, too. 

23. Sponge Wipe

It is great to have a few natural fiber cleaning cloths to wipe the utensils after washing. Also, for cleaning wet surfaces due to spillage. Sponge wipes clean the surface of the kitchen appliances once in a while to avoid any oily accumulations. 

Keeping separate multiple colors of clean cloth for independent cleaning activities proves very helpful. It is like using sponge wipes to dry the utensils that have been washed quickly. Not only that, to wipe the wet surfaces of containers kept in the refrigerator.

You may need to clear spillages that are dry, such as flour, after cooking or drying the vegetables or greens.

24. Degreaser

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Degreaser is a type of cleaning agent that contains chemicals to help dissolve water-insoluble substances. They are purposefully formulated to optimally remove grease, oil, and other stubborn substances from various surfaces. 

Not all cleaners are considered degreasers. Some can be used for way more than just the dishes – to prevent rust on metal surfaces by providing a thin protective layer. 

This is what makes degreasers much sought after for the needs of cleaning and protecting car components.

25. Garbage Bag Holder

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This garbage bag holder, e.g., plastic, can be a great item for getting rid of kitchen waste, particularly while on the kitchen countertop cutting fruits and veggies. They store the trash conveniently in one position. 

You could fix it in one of your kitchen drawers until the day’s preparation for cooking is duly completed.

Garbage bag holders come in more varieties than you can imagine. You can get them by dimensions, thickness, and color. The smallest garbage bags can generally accommodate 10-25 liters, while the large ones can carry about 350-370 liters. There are vendors that accept purchases in categories – heavy-duty bags, tough bags, and regular garbage bags.

Home Cleaning Services Equipment List

While you can probably clean your home without certain items, good cleaning products and tools can make the job much easier. 

26. Wire Brush Set

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Wire brushes, exclusive for cleaning, can be very helpful to tidy the least accessed areas like faucets, taps, window rails, or clogged gas burners. It is an excellent tool for heavy scraping and cleaning in tight, narrow spaces. 

Not only that, you can also employ it to polish and texture metals for a wide variety of uses when working around the home, kitchen, and bathroom. Additionally, they are convenient for cleaning various kitchen appliances like gas burners, taps, etc. 

It comprises a lot of materials – brass to clean a gas range clogged with dirt, a stainless-steel brush, which is for rust removal, and a nylon brush to remove dust and dirt left over in an opening. It is great to have many wire brushes meant specifically for particular jobs.

27. Stain remover

Stain removers (also known as spot-cleaning solutions) are detergents that help you remove stains from clothes, towels, linens, and upholstered furniture. There are different types, and they come in various sizes and prices. 

With the proper stain removers, you can easily lift out stubborn spots, including those caused by grease, paint, and even rust. Most light stains can be pre-treated with laundry detergent alone, but persistent, heavy stains require a little extra stain-fighting power (and, sometimes, elbow grease).

28. Carpet Rake

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A carpet rake allows you to get deep down into a carpet’s fibers to remove dirt and dust. It looks like a regular household rake, but its design is explicit for carpeted surfaces. They also look like brooms, with soft bristles or rubber teeth that go deep into the carpet to loosen up and lift debris and dirt from the carpet fibers that may have become embedded.

They are well suited for deep cleaning carpets, particularly high-traffic areas, and can also help to repair matted carpet fibers. This tool primes carpets so that they more quickly and effectively soak cleaning solutions. 

They can either be employed independently or alongside other cleaning tools and equipment, such as steam cleaners and vacuums. When used with this different equipment, the carpet rake loosens up dirt and debris, making it easier for the vacuum or steam cleaner to suction it away.

29. Microfiber Spray Mop Pad

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A generic microfiber spray mop pad’s design is specifically for your everyday easy mopping. This spray mop comes with a little container where you can fill your cleaning agents. 

The thick microfiber pad can be reusable and washable. This way, you will hardly need to top up during cleaning preps.

It has a non-scratch scrubbing pad feature that quite efficiently extracts stubborn spots. This mop can be detached or assembled before or after use for easy storage.


Either electric or battery power is needed to operate this type of equipment. These mechanical machines will ease labor and speed up cleaning time efficiently.

30. Steam Vapor Machine

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A steam vapor machine is excellent to have on your list of professional steam-cleaning equipment list for housekeeping. It is for deep cleaning and sanitizing simultaneously. 

Since it produces steam heated up to +165 degrees Celsius, it instantly kills bacteria and other infectious germs from bathrooms. Additionally, it removes caked-on grease and fats in kitchens and kills bed bugs. 

It is majorly beneficial for cleaning jobs that accommodate tiles, hard floors, and bathrooms.

31. High-Pressure Cleaning Machine

It has a water outlet system or a nozzle at the bottom from where the water comes out. They are primarily used for commercial cleaning. However, they are not suitable for home cleaning where the flooring or surfaces are not usually rough and could be damaged due to high pressure. For instance, they can also be used for garage cleaning and sidewalks.

32. Pressure Washer Machine

This equipment uses blast to remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants from surfaces. A pressure washer can expedite any cleaning task, from removing tough dirt and grime to restoring surfaces to their original condition.

33. Steam Extraction Machines

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Although called steam extraction machines, there is no steam generated; the cleaning agent is just hot water and detergent. A mixture comprising detergent and hot water is injected at a specified rate. Thereafter, it is drawn out by a wet vacuum system installed in the machine.

34. Wet Extraction Machines

A wet extraction machine repairs the surfaces of the majority of items like upholstery, carpet, and curtains. They extract deeply-rooted dirt unable to be extracted from suction during cleaning. They are also relevant in applying soil-retardant finishes on carpets.

35. Air scrubber

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After a deep cleaning job, small particles from skin cells, dirt, or pet hair remain in the air. Air scrubbers remove them to increase the air quality in the room. It cleans our air pollution, pet dander, odors, and dust and provides a neater, fresher, and cooler home. 

This low-maintenance device makes use of proprietary light waves with a specialized catalytic process to maintain your clean home.

36. Spray Extraction Machine 

They also remove the more deeply embedded soil not removed by suction cleaning. With this machine, the surface is subjected to a high-pressure stream or mist of cleaning solution delivered by static or rotating jets. 

Floor Cleaning Equipment List

Cleaning floors should be easy, and when it comes to choosing the most appropriate floor-cleaning equipment, it becomes challenging. Find the different types, with each kind suited to different environments and tasks.

37. Vacuum Cleaner

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The communal areas in your home can immediately gather dirt, soil, pet hair, allergens, and other debris on the carpets and floors. The vacuum cleaner has no hiding place for little items that could have been displaced by air or human activity. 

The low-pressure air that passes into the vacuum cleaner collects small objects that get entrapped under tables, beds, cupboards, or bags. Its powerful suction is suitable for hard surfaces and carpets. Vacuum Cleaners come in different types – like wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

38. Floor Maintenance Machine

This multi-functional machine can scrub, polish, and buff the floors. They consist of one large or several small brushes which revolve and scrub the floor. 

The water and the detergent are discharged from a tank that connects to the machine. With appropriate brushes, these machines work well for shampooing carpets, polishing, and scrubbing.

In some circumstances, colored abrasive nylon pads replace the scrubbing brushes. The lighter the color pad used, the less abrasive action occurs. 

39. Sweeper Scrubbers

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Sweeper scrubbers are large, ride-on machines that offer the versatility to sweep, scrub, or do both simultaneously. They are the perfect equipment for spaces that need sweeping and scrubbing power. 

40. Burnishers 

There are quite a number of hard flooring surfaces designed to provide a high-shine finish that communicates clean at a glance. Burnishers bring out that shiny, lustrous finish. 

They are generally only used indoors and only on hard surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes, both walk-behind and ride-on options and power system configurations.

41. Polishing Machine

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A polishing machine’s effect is seen in getting back the lost shine of your floor. They are more universal as they can be easily used on any kind of floor, whether it is marble, wooden, or any other floor. 

They are used for industrial and commercial cleaning services for areas requiring a polished and attractive look. Once your floor is polished, soil or dirt particles are less likely to be settled soon. They are more functional in showrooms and malls.

42. Steam Mop

Unlike a regular mop that needs cleaning agents like detergent or bleach, a steam mop applies heat from steam to cleanse and disinfect various surfaces in your home or office, the floors, and clean carpets that get used daily. 

A microfiber pad is often placed right underneath the steam jet to trap dirt. A high-quality steam mop uses electricity and is basically used for deeper cleaning whether or not you vacuum regularly. 

This professional cleaning equipment is a convenient and valid tool that can minimize time and effort compared to standard mopping methods. They are also more environmentally friendly, as they do not require the use of any harsh chemicals and work only due to the action of hot water vapor. It works on sealed wood floors, linoleum, granite, marble, ceramic, and tile! 

43. Carpet Shampooing Machine

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A carpet shampooing machine is ideal when it comes to shampooing the carpets with nylon brushes or pads that are very tough and able to brush through the carpet piles. The device works the same way as the floor maintenance machine. 

These machines may be with or without suction to pick up the filthy water. If there is no suction, you use a wet pick-up machine after using this machine.

There is a special pressure tank along with a foam generator that produces the foam in dry form, which cleans the carpet and suspends the soil. This way, the carpet does not get too wet.

44. Scarifying Machines

Scarifying is a process of removing light and heavily impacted soil, heavy grease, mud, and thick deposits of dirt from the floor where scrubbing is ineffective. A chisel-like action is done with a wire brush cutting tool, and the chisel action of a wire brush breaks down the soil. 

45. Carpet Extractors

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Soft flooring surfaces like carpets can present additional cleaning challenges. With its potent soft-floor cleaning capabilities, carpet extractors make maintaining a clean and dry carpet uncomplicated. 

They can be deployed for standard, fast-drying cleaning jobs in high-traffic areas or spot-cleaning to attend specifically to spills, stains, and moisture.

The different kinds available can be walk-behind or ride-on industrial carpet extractors.

46. Air Blowers

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The purpose of these mobile, powerful dehydration machines comes after spray extraction. Air blowers quickly dry water damage or carpets after cleaning. With a carrying handle and integrated cord storage.

It is easy to transport because of its lightweight, easy-to-carry handle and its wheels. 

47. Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners clean delicate equipment, which other methods can damage. The item needing cleaning is dipped into a solution tank that carries organic solvent.

These cleaners clean a range of materials, such as rubber, ceramics, metals, glass, and some hard plastics. They are handy for pulling out strongly attached contaminants from delicate items with cracks, blind holes, and recesses. 

The sort of contaminants extracted through this professional equipment are oil, dirt, grease, dust, pigments, fingerprints, flux agents, and polishing compounds. There are a number of different types, like pedestrian-driven, self-propelled, and gas-driven sweepers.


Not all professional cleaning equipment is mandatory, but having a few will make the cleaning process more manageable and flexible. Cleaning tools and equipment are important to keep the environment neat and clean. A fresh, clean space is hygienic and makes the mind fresh.

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